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"World Of Fashion"
As a young child with a vivid imagination; Tonia designed and sewed her own barbie doll clothing. In 2005 She presented her clothing line 'Ira Collection', now 'Nia Blu Collection'. Nia Blu Collection produces custom made garments and accessories that displays balance between originality and exclusivity. Tonia designs and sews all garments for Nia Blu Collection.
I believe in putting my expertise to work for my audience. I hold high standards to myself due to the fact that my goal are to produce a body of work that will be considered as timeless pieces. The SisterHoods tale is a story that I'm proud to present to the world of stage and soon film.             

"A Writer Is Born"
​At age 9 Toina discovered how fun writing could be when her elementary school's English teacher gave the class a task to write a poem starting with the phrase "Roses are red... Violets are blue". Shortly after that she began to write literature about her life's most undesirable circumstances. She found it easy to write about certain situations rather than talking about it to others. At that point... A WRITER WAS BIRTHED!
"Hair and Makeup"
By age 12 Tonia learned how to do hair and apply a full face of makeup on the level of a pro hair stylist and makeup artist. She did hair until she was 23 years old, and currently does makeup for stage and film production when time permits her to do so. 
Although I have been blessed by the creator to have raw talent in designing and make clothing, in addition to doing hair and applying makeup... Nothing makes my spirit soar like writing does. 
Meet The Playwright: Tonıa Nıa Blu Wıllıams